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Do you still want to know about Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba? No problem. All you have to do is to get his no-holds-barred, autobiographical book, Incomplete Without My Brother, Adonis, which tells of his close relationship with his brother and confidante, Elphus Mfana Adonis Motha, who was brutally taken aware from him in June 2009.

Fellow writer Shaun Johnson describes the book thus:

‘There is a hint of old-worldiness, a courtliness, about Kaizer, which is a particularly pleasing part of his personality. He displays manners that indicate to all interlocutors that he is treating them with respect – and those who know him will agree that he expects, nay, demands, the same in return.. Kaizer Nyatsumba is a self-made, determined man, filled with fortitude. Young generations of South Africans who read and absorb the story captured in this book will have cause for self-reflection and will find much value in learning what it has taken to do all that Kaizer has done.’

Writing on the back cover of the book, Michael Mathabela says:

‘“We walked on a patch of grass that seemed to have been burnt a few hours earlier, with soot covering our feet. There, in front of us, lay my beloved brother, Adonis, lifeless, his body facing up. There were numerous stab wounds on his body, including his face, and his lumber jacket was half burnt.”’

‘Thus begins Kaizer Nyatsumba’s tragic story of his brother’s horrible murder. It is an intriguing story on many aspects of South African life hitherto unknown to many: how he defused the personality wrangling between football supremos, Irvin Khoza and Danny Jordaan, thus rescuing the 2010 World Cup Bid; how he defended the independence of the media before an irate Madiba during the infant years of our democracy; how he refused to be used by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela to besmirch Madiba; how the Presidency, Cabinet Ministers and National Police Commissioners failed to deliver on the solid promise to investigate his brother’s murder diligently. This story by the master craftsman, Kaizer Nyatsumba, is so absorbing that it is impossible to stop reading.’