Kaizer M. Nyatsumba

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Kaizer Nyatsumba's Philosophy, Values and Hobbies

An analytic man with a fiercely independent mind, Kaizer Nyatsumba’s Philosophy is simple: Live and Let Live.

He does not judge others for being who and what they are. He is open minded and appreciates the fact that people are different and have different likes, beliefs and desires. Different strokes for different folks, he says.

He has always lived his life in accordance with the same Values:



Hard Work


An Open Mind

Embracing Diversity


Kaizer has not been endowed with much Patience, but he has worked throughout his life to cultivate it – and continues to do so.

His hobbies are:

Reading and Writing

Playing Golf

Going to the Gym

and Watching Football (especially when Kaizer Chiefs FC or the South African men’s national team is playing)